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ENJOY THIS SPECIAL OFFER! You can get all of my presets in this unique pack !

88 presets (44 mobile + 44 desktop)

The all in one pack is perfect to cover different location and lighting conditions : vibrant colours, cold tones, warm tones, sunsets, portraits and more.


Make sure to tag @mobilefilter and use the hashtag #mobilefilter while posting a video or a photo to get featured on our Instagram stories.


What’s included ? 

  • Travel pack 16 presets (8 mobile + 8 desktop)
  • Summer pack 28 presets (14 mobile + 14 desktop)
  • Bali pack 30 presets (15 mobile + 15 desktop)
  • Hotel pack 14 presets (7 mobile + 7 desktop)

Go and check the before and after images edited in the « Travel/Summer/Bali & Hotel » pack.


How to install them ?

Immediately upon purchase you will receive a step-by-step Installation Guide (english/french), as well as your unique download link to receive your preset files.


Remember :)

Please note that not every preset will work on every image, you will simply need to adjust things like temperature & tint, as well as exposure, to achieve your desired style.

The name of each preset is just an indication of where that specific preset was created and doesn't mean the « Beach » preset won't work on your lifestyle or nature photos. Just play around with each one!