About me

My name is Laura, I’m French born, based in Montreux, France and I travel around the world, as much as I can!

I have always been passionate by “creating” in every way possible and also by discovering the world. So I started to really get into photography, to combine it with my passion for travels. And it continues to stem from my endless curiosity of exploring new countries, new landscapes and experiencing new cultures and activities.

In 2013 I invested in my first DSLR camera. I learnt about photography and photographers. I also taught myself how to create imagery that I love! Now I use this knowledge to create unique travel, fashion & lifestyle content in hopes to inspire others.

You can also take a peek into my life on Instagram stories, if you’re interested in what I’m up to at the moment!

Country i visit

Wanderlust lover. Dreamer. Discoverer. Adventure seeker. Nature addict. Explorer.

I have been to 37 countries.
I am a French born, Paris based traveler, blogger and photographer.